Equipment for earthmoving machinery

In qualità di distributore e fornitore di servizi, ci sforziamo di garantire un servizio rapido e soddisfacente.

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Our company offers a complete construction service of equipment for customized earthmoving machinery, able to meet the specific needs of customers and their work. The product range includes standard buckets, screening buckets, rock buckets, destoner blade and ripper teeth.

FTI employs experts who collaborate with customers, both in the quarry and on site, to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions in order to satisfy them. Our company also commits daily to ensure that the equipment built is of high quality, safe and efficient, to maximize productivity and safety on site.

We offer a complete assistance service, which includes maintenance and repair of the equipment which allows us to promptly intervene and solve any wear problems that may arise on the equipment designed and built by us. FTI commits to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, providing a high-quality service and rapid response in times of need.


We work with both companies and private individuals. We offer quality services in various areas, including consultancy, training and technical assistance, which are available to all our customers.
Yes, we offer the option to pay in instalments for our services, provided certain criteria are met.
To choose the service that best suits your needs, we recommend that you contact our customer support team at the email address: Our team will help you better understand the services we offer and identify the one that best suits your needs.