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We are promoters of innovative and renewable technologies.

As part of our mission to lead the transition to more sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems, we are committed to safeguarding the future of our planet and of generations to come. It’s important to recognize how this will depend on the actions we decide to take today. For this reason, it is essential to commit to contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy and reduce our impact on the environment.
Only through joint effort and global cooperation we can ensure a sustainable and secure future for all.
Remember, their future is in our hands!

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The experience accumulated over the years has allowed our company to increase skills and professionalism to guarantee each time and each customer the service best suited to their needs, thanks to continuously improving products and services.

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Renewable<br />energy


FTI has acquired the know-how and layout for the construction of parabolic and linear Fresnel thermodynamic establishments, guaranteeing their precision and quality.
  • Parabolic thermodynamic establishments
  • Linear thermodynamic establishments
  • Photovoltaic instalments
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Equipment for<br />earthmoving machinery

Equipment for
earthmoving machinery

Thanks to the experience gained, linked to both use and versatility, FTI designs, manufactures and repairs all types of buckets. All products are made of special wear-resistant steels.
  • Screening/rock buckets
  • Ripper teeth
  • Stoner blades
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Metal Carpentry

Metal Carpentry

Thanks to our consolidated experience in steel processing and the latest generation equipment we use for the construction and installation.
  • Metal structures
  • Civil carpentry
  • Atmospheric pressure/pressurized tanks
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Biomass Installations

Biomass Installations

FTI is highly competent in the installation and maintenance of establishments that work with biomass, for the production of Biogas and Syngas, depending on the.
  • Vegetable biomass
  • Animal biomass
  • Microbial biomass
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